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About Community Connect Oxon

Community Connect Oxon is community center for integrated human services that provides social services including social work, psychological and educational counseling and support aimed at children at risk and their families in the community. Provides training to prospective foster and adoptive families. Conduct information campaigns on the programs developed by the Centre and relevant to the local community.

The main objective of Community Connect Oxon Centre is to improve the quality of life of children in the family and social environment, providing quality social services to the needs and responsive to the situation to be accessible to every child at risk and his family. The main principles in the work is based on respect for the dignity of the individual, ensuring the best interests of the child, teamwork and inter-institutional cooperation.

Community Connect Oxon Centre works on the basis of quality requirements based services in terms of facilities, personnel and organization of activities. Direct work of the team of specialists includes making an initial assessment of the case, the discovery of the child's needs and ways of intervention; conducting individual and group sessions as well as children and their parents / families, as well as trainings and seminars; initiation of the team discussion, preparation of an action plan; organizing work in each case with children and their parents.

In the sector to work with children individually support children who are at risk to drop out of school, children with problem behavior, impaired relationships with parents or families in crisis, children in need of psychological support, abused or neglected, preparing children The hearing in court.

In the sector to work with parents and adult consumers direct their efforts to assist in raising and educating children for positive communication and understanding their needs, we perform selection, assessment, training and support of the candidate and approved foster families. In the Social Support Centre as part of activities to provide the service includes, if necessary, legal adviser.