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When our elderly parents can not cope alone anymore, we can not spend for them our time and attention they need, Community Connect provides the necessary assistance in their own home, without separating them from their habitual environment, from their favorite belongings and atmosphere. Thus the elderly and their relatives will be able to lead a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Caring for the elderly is always up to date and pressing and the network of close people, able to administer  that care - still insufficient. Therefore, the team of Community Connect offer their help - to be a support for your loved ones, because they know that older people have a particularly great need for time and attention.

A hand, given for assistance to meet and spend their old ages calmly and with dignity. People should be able to glad of their old ages, and this is the best possible in their own home, surrounded by everything familiar and nice. Homes for the elderly, hospices and hospitals are options that can bear the stress of separation from the roots that many of those in need perceive severe. Community Connect's concern will not accept this factor, it will ensure the unity of care for the body, mind and psyche, because the man in all its complexity is at the center of their attention, it is their mission.

The Carers of  Community Connect offer a wide range of services including: help with the daily hygiene, shopping, housekeeping, accompaniment to the hospital, attending to a physician or even a walk in the park. All of this can become an onerous burden. Just to overcome these problems the Community Connect can be helpful.